OTLEY'S MP has vowed to help the town be part of a 'just and sustainable' recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Sobel made the promise after being presented with a letter, signed by many local councillors, community groups and businesses, as part of the Build Back Better UK initiative.

Representatives from lots of organisations in the town turned out for the event at the Buttercross on Friday, August 28.

Placards from a number of the businesses and groups involved were displayed and three of the local political branches - for The Green Party, The Liberal Democrats and The Labour Party - also brought along their banners.

Sustainability group Otley 2030 was one of the prime movers behind the event.

Mr Sobel, on receiving the Build Back Better community sign-up letter, said: "I applaud the efforts of Otley 2030 to use the Build Back Better UK initiative to bring the town together, and to work towards a just and de-carbonised recovery from the pandemic.

"Many aspects of my work as an MP, since the beginning of lockdown, have supported these aims.

"I promise to take the message from Otley people back to Parliament when it reopens shortly, and to continue to work with other MPs and national bodies for a fair and sustainable future."

The signatories included Otley Courthouse, Wildlife Friendly Otley, town and ward councillors and more than 40 local groups and businesses.

Musician Jon Palmer, from Otley band Jon Palmer Trio, also performed his newly written song, Make It a Better World, to mark the occasion.

Shannon Coles, of Otley 2030 and Otley Welcomes, explained the motivation behind the event.

She said: "Otley is a friendly and interesting town and I feel lucky to live here.

"Otley people have worked hard to look after each other during lockdown but there are many Otley residents who struggle to get by, many families and individuals rely on the foodbank to get through the week, and young people here often have to move away to find work and affordable housing.

"Our roads are also choked with traffic, our houses are poorly insulated, and we are all over-reliant on fossil fuels.

"There is much work to do to secure a sustainable future for our children and to reverse the havoc that climate change is wreaking on our treasured countryside and wildlife - but I am confident that by working together we can do our bit to build a fair, sustainable and better Otley.”