STREET lights in Otley and Yeadon are to be fitted with LEDs.

Leeds City Council has begun phase one of a programme that will see lanterns in local street lights replaced with LED units. The scheme will reach Otley and Yeadon in early 2021 and ward Councillors Colin Campbell, Sandy Lay and Ryk Downes have hailed the move.

Cllr Lay said: “LED street lights are more energy efficient and cheaper to run.

“We have been asking Leeds to look at them for some time and the council has finally agreed to a programme to replace all the lights in Leeds. Works in Otley and Yeadon are due to start early next year with the first priority being main roads, followed by residential streets.”

Cllr Campbell added: “Not only are they better for the environment but LEDs are easier to direct towards roads and pavements. This has the double benefit of better ground level lighting and reduced light pollution.”