A MASS reversal of Beeching cuts is being called for by the Yorkshire Party.

The party is also proposing a number of new railway lines, along with improvements to all forms of transport.

Policy Director, Andy Shead, said: “The Yorkshire Party is pleased to see £589 million commitment by Government for rail improvements in the North but that’s not even enough to fund the few projects they suggest – and certainly not enough to compensate for decades of neglect in Yorkshire. Our new policy is the answer to this neglect, reconnecting, reinvigorating and uniting Yorkshire. Let’s build a high-speed line from Hull to Liverpool and reverse Beeching cuts across Yorkshire, to reconnect smaller communities.”

He added: “We are committed to bringing Yorkshire’s roads up to standard by investing £1.04 Billion and we continue our commitment to triple the electric charging points. Yorkshire is facing challenges in all areas of transport infrastructure. Let’s invest in a transport revolution, ensuring our residents have access to safe, reliable, green and efficient transport, whether it’s by bike, car, plane or train.”

Party Leader, Bob Buxton said: “We will not accept Yorkshire being left behind any longer. Transport investment is a key step towards economic renewal, environmental improvement and improving everyone’s quality of life. Half measures will only pass problems on to the next generation and leave many behind. To maximise rail-potential, we need a complete network, a network for everyone, serving cities, ports, airports, towns and villages.”

The Yorkshire Party supports a parkway station adjacent to the airport - which it says would take several hundred cars off the road every day. It also supports the park and ride scheme for New Pudsey and wants to see bus services better linked to the station, reinstating the Otley loop to bypass Leeds station and a new station at Arthington.

Widespread cuts were introduced in the 1960’s following a report by Dr Richard Beeching.