AN ILKLEY supermarket has introduced a new scheme to ensure support is available for shoppers with hidden disabilities.

Booths says its Sunflower Lanyard initiative - which has launched at all of its stores - is part of a wider push to promote disability inclusion for customers and colleagues.

Shoppers with conditions including autism, dementia or visual and hearing impairments can choose to wear a lanyard to give a discreet signal to staff that they may need extra help.

The scheme will also enable Booths to support individuals who may not be able to follow some of the COVID-19 prevention guidelines, such as wearing face coverings, due to health reasons.

Chief Operating Officer at Booths, Nigel Murray, said: “It’s vitally important to support customers who might find shopping a challenging experience at the moment.”

The lanyards are available to collect for free and can reused on future store visits.