THIS year’s ‘Independence Day’ protest at Menwith Hill was a mainly online affair.

People from around the country head to the base on July 4 each year to take part in the Independence from America Day protest.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic the physical event was scaled down this time while most activities took place online via a ‘webinar’.

Three members of the Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign (MHAC) did still travel to the base to hold up banners and flags by the main gate. They also handed over a letter to Squadron Leader Geoff Dickson (RAF) for the Chief of Station, Sally Holcombe.

The webinar attracted 40 people and had speakers including author Chris Cole from Drone Wars UK and Dave Webb, from Yorkshire CND. MHAC says that the event is held ‘to draw attention to the lack of accountability of the base and lack of knowledge about the work which goes on there’.