COUNCILLORS are hitting out at changes to a bus service which goes to Leeds Bradford Airport.

The revisions to the 737/747 service between the airport and Bradford are being introduced without any public consultation, according to Otley and Yeadon councillors Sandy Lay, Colin Campbell and Ryk Downes.

They believe the revisions could lead to increased car use.

Cllr Lay said: “The changes, which involve the buses taking a shorter route through Yeadon, will mean that residents who use them to access the airport or local shops will have to walk further to a bus stop.

“We know that if using a bus becomes more difficult people find an alternative, usually the car. This is hardly in line with WYCA’s policy of increasing bus use.”

Cllr Campbell added: “Despite the service being partly subsidised from public funds there has been no public consultation on the proposals.

“Local people should have been able to have a say in how their money is being spent.”

Cllr Downes said: “We are concerned about the effect the changes will have on local people, and have therefore written to the Chair of the WYCA Transport Committee asking for a meeting to discuss the changes and what might happen to public transport if the airport builds a new terminal.”

West Yorkshire Combined Authority has told councillors the changes, to be introduced from August 30, will balance the need for a more direct service to Bradford and local links for people in Yeadon.

The 747 direct service between Bradford and the Airport and Harrogate will continue to serve Yeadon via Rawdon Crossroads, the A65, New Road and Henshaw Lane.

Its current route along Kirk Lane which will be served by the 737 – meaning a walk of another five to ten minutes for passengers travelling to Bradford from Westfield.

The 737 service from Bradford to the Airport via Shipley and Guiseley will be rerouted to run between Yeadon and Guiseley via Kirk Lane, the A65, The Green, Oxford Road, and Guiseley Morrisons. Passengers from Queensway will have to walk ten minutes further to catch the bus.

The 757 service will continue on its current route via Rawdon Cross Roads.