MOST bus passengers are following the Covid-19 rules and wearing face coverings, says the Keighley Bus Company, which runs services across Wharfedale.

General manager Alan Isherwood said customers were wearing coverings they had made themselves, bought from the company online, or from the travel shop in the bus station. He spoke after some customers complained that the rule, brought in to help stop the spread of the virus, was not being enforced among passengers by drivers. Mr Isherwood said: “We’re making it as easy as possible for people to get a face covering, and they’re proving very popular. There are exemptions which are quite broad, and include many hidden difficulties/disabilities. We have been assured the police will carry out the enforcement of this new law. People not wearing face coverings on the bus, who aren’t exempt, risk the £100 fine from the police, who are the ones with the powers to do so. Our drivers are not enforcement personnel, do not have any powers to carry out any enforcement, and it is unfair to expect them to act as if they are.”