POLICE had to disperse a fight in Ilkley yesterday as fears began to rise about disorder during the scorching weather.

Temperatures soared to just under 30 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, June 24.

Many took advantage of this by visiting beauty spots across the district and West Yorkshire.

There were concerns raised in Ilkley by a local councillor and member of the public, as groups flocked to enjoy themselves on the banks of the River Wharfe and in town.

The member of public posted on social media website, Twitter, to share a photo of a youngster who had climbed on top of the suspension bridge just off Leeds Road as you enter Ben Rhydding, which sits above the River Wharfe.

They said at 1.45pm: "Irresponsible behaviour, no sign of police presence anywhere."

They also explained that the youth was being "egged on" by a young girl who was taking a picture of him.

They added: "I stopped on the bridge and told him to get down."

Councillor Anne Hawkesworth (Independent, Ilkley) shared the member of public's concerns.

She said: "As we have said first time I have seen it. If anyone falls off that bridge they will be dead.

"This cannot continue. Strong policing is necessary."

The councillor questioned why youngsters were being allowed to put themselves at risk, if it is too dangerous for them to be back at school, also mentioning that many were not even complying with the soon-to-be-introduced "one-metre-plus" social distancing rule, nevermind the two-metre rule.

A brawl then broke-out in the Ilkley area later in the afternoon.

West Yorkshire Police was called at 4.12pm to a report of a fight.

Officers arrived two minutes later (4.14pm) and had a dispersal order authorised to move those involved on.

The crowds left the area.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "There has been an increased policing presence in Ilkley throughout today."

Cllr Hawkesworth initially criticised police on Twitter for a lack of presence during the day, but took to her profile later on to clarify the situation.

She said: "Had a phone call from Inspector Beecroft about today.

"Good to be contacted and given extra info.

"The West Yorkshire Police Ilkley inform me that there has been police presence all day by river, extra still there this evening.

"Promise of liaison on such days in future."

She added: "Liaison good, but not up to me to agree actions on day - that is West Yorkshire Police Ilkley's job.

"I want results and so does Ilkley, from Bradford Council and Bradford Highways also.

"Today wasn’t good enough."

Speaking to the Gazette on Thursday she added: "I am concerned that there will be reactions from authorities saying not us guv. As was stated in the three District Councillors' formal letter and request, it needs much more action and money into “hard” improvements along riverside.

"We want and need action. Obviously we are in unison along with Ilkley residents.

"We do need to look to other areas for “best practice” - Bolton Abbey and York. "York police have a target force for such eventualities."