THE YORKSHIRE party is calling for free school meals to be extended to all children living in poverty.

The party, which is led by Rawdon teacher Bob Buxton, is supporting the change to keep free school meals throughout the summer but is calling for more children in poverty to have access to it.

Dr Buxton said: “The country has pulled together during the corona crisis, let’s continue this sense of unity by building a fairer society.”

The party says only half the number of children living in poverty are eligible for the vouchers - and it is calling for an urgent review of the scheme

Activist Kimberley Thomas said: “Over two million school aged children are living in poverty in England, including a high proportion in many parts of Yorkshire. This will only increase during the recession. A free school meal is their only access to what may be their only daily meal. Parents are currently choosing whether food or electricity and gas is more important. The free school dinner vouchers need to be widened to cover children from low income families.”

She added: “We at the Yorkshire Party are working towards a more equality driven society, where those who are living in poverty through no fault of their own are protected and supported towards a better working future. Children are our future and by supporting the young, we can create a more proactive and stronger economic future.”