BURLEY-in-Wharfedale schoolgirl Tabby Wood and brother Ben this week dropped off £3,500 worth of tablet computers to the children’s oncology ward at Leeds General Infirmary (LGI), donated by Tabby’s charity, Tabby’s Trust.

The computers will enable the children to keep in touch with their families during the Covid-19 pandemic, when visiting is limited. It means that as well as being able to watch videos etc, children can use Zoom and other apps to virtually chat with family and friends.

Tabby’s Trust was set up by Tabby last year to give back to the people that saved her life when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer three years ago and make things a bit better for others going through the struggle of a cancer diagnosis.

The idea came to her waiting for a routine follow up appointment in the oncology waiting area at LGI and after talking with her consultant and nurses on the ward she was inspired to do something. Tabby is in remission and is determined to keep raising money to make a difference to other children.

The charity has already given £20,000 to two cancer charities, raised by Tabby and her family by a number of events, including a charity bike ride from London to Leeds by Tabby, brother Ben and dad Adrian.

Tabby has worked through the winter raising more at Christmas fairs and other events to continue doing more for the charity and a million metre rowathon is planned with her school Bradford Grammar School in the autumn.

Tabby said: “The pandemic has meant that visiting is very limited and I wanted to be able to help make keeping in touch a bit easier.

“I have used Zoom to keep up with family and friends and thought it was a great idea for people in hospital.”

Tabby is also a member of the Leeds children’s hospital youth forum and this summer has been helping make information films for patients about coronavirus and she has given input on the new hospital design which has been very exciting.