SONGS written during the lockdown will provide the opener for Otley’s online music festival which kicks off next week.

Shadow of the Chevin, was written by musician Jon Budworth at the beginning of the restrictions and was soon followed by All Is Quiet.

The first tune was inspired by a walk on the popular beauty spot and struck a chord with many in the area as they struggled to come to terms with a life behind closed doors.

Within weeks Jon, 50, had written a second song, All is Quiet, after mourning the effects of social distancing in what was once a ‘bustling and vibrant town.’

He said: “I’ve wanted to write a song about Otley for some time and then in a short space of time I wrote two. Shadow Of The Chevin, came to me very quickly after the title popped into my head whilst walking on The Chevin and looking down onto the town. It’s a song about travelling far and wide, seeing the world and yet at the end of the day finding a place that truly feels like home.

“All Is Quiet was inspired following a walk around the deserted streets of Otley one evening in early April. I was struck by how incredibly quiet and calm everything was -no traffic, no aeroplanes and no people. This song has gone down very well on social media receiving thousands of views and lovely comments coming in from all over the world from people who empathise with the song’s sentiment.”

His work will be showcased at Otley Music Festival Online, a celebration of the town’s talent. The event, which starts on June 12, will showcase a number of local musicians and bands over the coming months and aims to raise money for two local charities as well as performing musicians whose incomes have been affected by Covid-19.

Jon said: “I’m very exited to have been asked by Paul Briscoe to open up the 2020 Otley Music Festival. This is a fantastic opportunity for me and also a great way to make some money for several local charities. I’ll be collaborating with some extremely talented local musicians including Mags Elliot, Richard Currie and Simon Carey.”

Jon will open the festival at on June 12 at 7.30pm. A gofundme account will be set up to raise money for Otley Parish Church’s Local to Global Campaign, the Woolpack Studio and musicians.