A “CLEAR road map” on the resumption of refuse collections is being called for in Leeds.

Guiseley and Rawdon councillor Paul Wadsworth, who is the shadow environment spokesman on Leeds City Council, also wants all waste collection services to formally resume including the emptying of all local litter bins on streets and in parks.

He said: “It is good to see the Council moving towards resuming waste collections. Residents have rightly become increasingly concerned about the build-up of garden waste and bulky items in their homes. However, in my view the messaging to residents has been confused and we need a clear road map as to when all waste services will be resumed.

“Of course we need to be mindful of health concerns and staff need to be protected but it is now time for all services to restart. This should include collections from local litter bins, some of which have been sealed and some of which are in desperate need of being emptied. We will be operating in a ‘new normal’ but part of that has to include full waste services for Leeds residents.”