REGIONAL variation in the easing of lockdown is being called for by the deputy chairman of the Yorkshire Party.

Bob Buxton, who is also a Rawdon Parish councillor, said: “Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can vary their responses, why not English regions? This is not about political views on devolution in ‘normal circumstances’ – people may agree with the Yorkshire Party on that or otherwise - it’s about making decisions based on the best science and data available; if data varies by region, so should the response. “Unfortunately, much of the North is in a much worse position than London in terms of their R number and rate of new infections.”

He said the Yorkshire Party was concerned about the potential for a second peak in the virus outbreak and the implications for schoolchildren.

He added:”If we are forced into a second lockdown, children will end up with less time in school, not more, and we’ll see terrible health consequences across the country.”