DURING this hugely difficult time, many people in many communities have stepped up and answered the call to help.

They have gone above and beyond to help their neighbours, risked their own health to perform vital roles and services, volunteered for vital tasks in the community to do hugely useful work and come up with brilliant ideas to make people's lives easier and better.

We have invited you to tell us about some of these people who are going above and beyond to do great things. Here are some of your nominations from around the region.

If you know someone you would like us to feature in future articles, please send details to keyworkers@nqyne.co.uk. Include their name, some details about what they have been doing, and a photo if possible.


I would like to nominate the team at Staveley Court Extra Care Scheme in Keighley. An extra special team taking care of elderly and vulnerable. Amazing job keeping everyone safe and smiling whilst living with their own worries. So proud to be managing such an amazing group of gals!


I would like to nominate Tito Arana. He runs the Lees, Cross Roads and Bocking page on Facebook. He's a Parish Councillor and makes sure everyone gets a birthday surprise with people in fancy dress including himself doing the honours. He runs an online quiz every Sunday night for the village, online bingo Horse Racing every Friday - no gambling, also talent competitions as well. Can't speak highly enough of the man.


I would to nominate the amazing group of six Addingham women who have set up the Addingham Visor Army. They are going above and beyond making PPE and fundraising/collecting donations to send to key workers all across the district who are in need of PPE!


Can I thank Morrisons for their new telesales shopping service. We have elderly neighbours and a disabled grandson who are full of praise for the service. Because they don't have access to a computer and can just ring the phone number provided which I gave them, they have enjoyed ringing and placing their orders. It has also given them new-found independence. The staff are very helpful and polite. So a big thank you Morrisons for all you are doing.


David Spencer, of Braithwaite, and Steve Hockey, of Long Lee, since lockdown have been sourcing food and other essentials, sometimes from supermarkets and sometimes from bulk suppliers, and taking it to about 160 vulnerable people across the whole of Keighley. They pay for most of it themselves but get some food, nappies etc, and cash, donated.


The BACES team have worked all through the crisis delivering and collecting medical equipment such as beds, commodes etc, entering properties daily where there is known to be Covid-19. The equipment collected is deep cleaned and serviced and sent back out to clients. The whole team have worked over the Bank Holidays and Saturdays to keep up with the needs of the NHS. The delivery guys always have a smile and are very helpful.


They are all doing a fantastic job through the coronavirus and the ambulance crews especially, putting their lives at risk every day for their local community.


Scott has worked throughout, in a warehouse, in difficult circumstances, helping to keep the business going - a pharmaceutical company, distributing products for animal care. Well done Scott!


I would like to nominate Stephen Robinson of Duncan Robinson Funeral Services in Settle. Funeral Directors often get a bad press and never once during this whole crisis have I ever heard them mentioned as key workers in the national press or on TV. They are constantly working with Covid and are taking extreme risks. Where would we be without them in this crisis? My mother died suddenly three weeks ago at home and Stephen, a young man working for Duncan Robinson Funeral Services, attended at her home. He was compassionate and courteous beyond belief and had the hard job of working with the family to arrange the details and funeral under such difficult circumstances. No small detail was overlooked and I do feel he was working extra hard to make it as easy as it could be for the family.


There are so many community heroes all doing a fantastic job to keep us all safe and well, who are quietly doing shopping and jobs for folks on their street. I would like to nominate David, from Woodlands Rise, Ilkley, who has along with his family shop also shopped for two other neighbours, and been there to help whenever we needed him. My husband collapsed a few weeks ago and it was David who came and helped me, while waiting for the ambulance. Jackie also shops for people in our area. These people often get overlooked because they are quietly doing their job. Without them us self isolating people would have had problems. A very big thankyou to them all.


All staff at Staveley Birkleas, Fairmount, Brookfield, Beanlands, Currergate homes and the head office team have been working extremely hard with huge dedication every day during the crisis.


All Kirkwood staff for being amazing. They have worked tirelessly, still smiling, and still love to give the best care possible. Thank you, what a team.


Everyone who works at the nursing home has been working so hard and giving everything during this crisis.


She has been a fundamental driving force for the Ilkley Corona Response Group. By answering phone calls and coordinating the team of hardworking volunteers, she really goes the extra mile to help everyone who gets in contact. No challenge is too large for the Ilkley Corona Response Group!


Our local shopkeepers in Austwick, Iain and Michelle Williams, Cross Leigh Stores, have gone above and beyond their normal excellent service to our village during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are some of the ways they have gone the extra mile:

* Delivering groceries themselves to people in isolation

* Taking orders for meat, veggies etc twice a week for items people want, including for things they don’t normally stock

* Sourcing flour when it was hard to get anywhere else

* Getting prescriptions from local surgeries delivered to them and then recruiting village volunteers to take them out to those who are isolating

* Organising afternoon tea to be made and delivered by volunteers to every house in the village (300 households)

* Always having time for a welcoming smile and chat which is especially appreciated by those who live alone

* Organising a one-in, one-out system in the shop so that everyone feels safe, and still serving us all patiently

* Having a regular, upbeat greeting on their Facebook page and keeping followers up-to-date with what’s in stock

All this is in addition to general running of the store and the Post Office! They deserve a special mention, if not a medal!