POLICE have outlined further action to tackle a rise in burglary rates in the Adel and Wharfedale ward.

West Yorkshire Police announced some of the steps it was taking to address the problem, including stepping up patrols across the LS16 area, in January.

Now councillors have been given details of Project Strike Back, which will involve ‘a lot of extra resources’ being focussed on the ward. The North West Neighbourhood Policing Teams have said that: “We are enhancing patrols in the relevant areas, at the material times.

“We have involved other surrounding Neighbourhood Policing officers, the local neighbourhood patrol teams, the off-road bike unit, and a number of other units.

“We have also asked for support from the Police Interceptor Team and also the neighbourhood impact team.” Neighbourhood Inspector for Leeds North West, Andrew Loftus, is overseeing the operation and hopes it will lead to ‘a dramatic reduction in offences’.