THE DAUGHTER of a woman suffering from a rare form of dementia has hit out at Bradford Council for showing “a lack of compassion” with its bin policy.

Catherine Freely, 39, has fought tooth-and-nail to get the council to understand the plight of her mother, Rosemary Freely, who is 70.

Mrs Freely, who lives on Panorama Drive in Ilkley, suffers from frontotemporal dementia.

It is an uncommon form of dementia and can cause personality and behaviour changes, language problems, problems with mental abilities and memory problems later on, according to the NHS. This includes struggling with planning and organisation.

Miss Freely said: “The family are going through a very difficult time, like every other family who’s going through a degenerative illness.

“She has not got her mind any more, she won’t be here next year - that’s how aggressive this wretched illness is.

“She doesn’t understand what we take for granted - brushing her teeth, washing herself.

“She puts the waste all in one bin - she sees the bin and just puts it in.”

Mrs Freely moved into her home back in March 2017, and has full-time carers helping throughout the day.

Her daughter said ever since then, she has always had two green bins for everyday household waste and two grey bins for recycling.

But, in November 1 that all changed.

Miss Freely said: “All of a sudden the binmen only emptied one bin and said they can’t take the other.

“I work full-time and look after mum in the evening.

“I shouldn’t be expected to rummage in the bin when I come home from work and take out what’s recycling just to fulfil the council’s policies.

“Especially after a stressful day at the office.”

The 39-year-old has been back-and-forth with Bradford Council to try explain the situation, but is unsatisfied with their suggestion of sending a recycling advisor round.

She said: “I’m sure it’s not the only household in the UK that’s going through this heartbreaking illness as a family.

“Bradford Council show a lack of compassion.

“I want them to make sure the driver of the bin collection understands where mum lives and empty her two green bins.

“It’s only for the foreseeable - right here, right now. It would make our lives easier.”

“I understand how to recycle. They said they’ll get a recycling advisor to come to the house and help.

“But this isn’t normal circumstances and she wouldn’t understand. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to ask as a one person household.

“I can’t control what my mum does when I’m not there.”

A spokesperson for Bradford Council said: “We have every sympathy with this householder whose health problems prevent her from complying with the Council’s bin policy.

“The problem for Bradford Council is that a full wagonload of recycling can be contaminated by just one bin containing general waste, rendering it unrecyclable which is expensive for the Council Tax payer and harms the environment.

“We will work with this family to try and resolve any issue arising to try to find a solution which is satisfactory for everyone.”