A MAN has escaped a driving ban after magistrates at Skipton agreed he would suffer ‘exceptional hardship’.

Ashfaq Hussain, 48, was at risk of an automatic six month ban as a totter after receiving seven penalty points, which took him over the maximum 12 points.

Hussain was stopped in his Ford Mondeo by police in Colne Road, Cowling on February 4 last year and was charged with driving otherwise in accordance with a licence and without insurance, the court heard on Tuesday.

He was not disqualified from driving at the time, but his licence had been withdrawn, the court heard.

Hussain, a self employed car salesman, of Scotland Lane, Horsforth, pleaded guilty to both charges on Tuesday, but argued he would suffer exceptional hardship if he lost his licence.

Losing his licence would impact on his business, the loss of the home that he rented out, and would severely impact on his wife, who has epilepsy, has frequent hospital appointments and is unable to drive, he told the court.

Magistrates accepted Hussain’s argument that both he and his wife would suffer, allowed his exceptional hardship case and did not impose an automatic driving ban.

He was fined £276 and ordered to pay costs of £85 and a surcharge of £30.

His licence was endorsed with seven penalty points, adding to the nine on his licence at the time.