FALLEN leaves are creating a hazard on a blind corner in Ben Rhydding, according to an Ilkley councillor.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Ros Brown welcomed a decision by the town council to arrange a meeting with Bradford Council to get the issue dealt with.

She said: “It’s a real hazard on this blind corner of Ben Rhydding Road and Wheatley Lane. Local residents contacted Bradford Council street cleansing over six weeks ago asking them to deal with this as they couldn’t push their buggy along the path and were forced to walk in the road. I’ve been chasing this every day for the past week at the request of local residents so I’m very glad it was resolved at last night’s meeting to arrange a meeting with Bradford Council urgently to address this leaf clearing issue alongside other areas residents have told us about where a lack of street cleaning is contributing to blocked drains in the roads near the cemetery and slippery paths in other areas of Ilkley.”