Review: The Snow Queen

ILKLEY Playhouse’s ‘Green Room’ children delighted audiences this weekend as they performed their production of The Snow Queen.

Directed by Andrew Leggott and Lisa Debney, this familiar story by Hans Christian Anderson tells of Gerda and Kai whose lives are interrupted by the cruel Snow Queen until courage and love are proved to conquer all.

Set simply in the Wildman Theatre, cleverly using images projected on to a screen, the children dressed in white but with colourful bobble hats and scarves, held a spirited snowball fight that was enjoyed by the cast and audience alike. The story was told largely through narration and the stage was always filled with plenty to see. The Snow Queen herself, played menacingly by adult actor Carol Butler, arrived on the scene pulled in a magical sleigh and dressed head to toe in a brilliant white, sparkling dress, with an icicle laden crown and the most extraordinary white eye lashes – really quite scary!

There were some delightful performances - the Ravens, Angel, Ray and Joseph created a startling contrast in their black winged costumes and long beaks and were especially animated, delivering their lines with great passion. So too the Robber Girl, Robyn, who inspired real sympathy.

This though was a true ensemble piece and the choral speaking, lullaby singing and dancing required all of the cast to give of their best and they did. When the resolution was found at the end of the play, with Kai and Gerda’s friendship restored, the audience appreciation was enthusiastic and heartfelt. Well done Greenroom!

by Becky Carter