PARKING permits for workers in Ilkley have been a disaster, according to a town councillor.

Cllr Tom Franks said the permits were top of the list of problems cited by residents in a recent parking survey.

“There is no doubt that this has been a disaster,” he said.

The parking survey launched by Ilkley Town Council has received about 200 responses. This week Cllr Franks told a meeting of the town council some people were supportive of the new parking scheme and one response claimed there were plenty of satisfied people who were being bullied to keep quiet.

But he said the majority of responses were critical.

Issues raised included workers permits, which have been blamed for causing chaos on residential streets. Cllr Franks told the meeting the evidence given in response to the council survey was anecdotal. He said he was delighted that Ilkley Bid was also conducting a survey which would produce hard evidence. Ilkley BID has called for all town centre businesses, residents and visitors to complete its survey to gather data on the impact of the new parking scheme.