A YOUNG Otley girl has become the first in the district to be awarded the new Rainbow Gold Award.

Six-year-old Lily Sky Bottomley was leaving the 3rd Caley Rainbows after nearly two years when she was presented with the special gold metal pin badge and certificate.The youngster, who is due to become a brownie in January, had to complete six theme award badges and have good attendance. For the final section she had to complete a story telling exercise.

Proud mum Julia Bottomley said the award was the highest that could be achieved in Rainbows.

“Most Rainbows won’t receive this award, it goes to the ones who have dedication to the Girl Guiding Plan,” she said.

“It is a Special Achievement, one of which she should be mightily proud of, which she certainly is.”

She said her daughter had made lots of friends at the group and added: “She specifically enjoyed her Rainbows Event Days, singing songs, meeting new friends, crafts and playing games. “