ILKLEY Fairtrade Group is celebrating Fairtrade’s 25th anniversary this October with a range of activities.

The familiar blue, green and black Fairtrade Mark was launched in 1994 and has become the most well known and most trusted ethical label in the UK because it delivers more value back to farmers than any other.

Ilkley was awarded Fairtrade Town status in 2006 by the Fairtrade Foundation, and Ilkley Fairtrade Group has been raising awareness of the benefits of the Fairtrade system ever since. One of the five goals to be met to achieve Fairtrade Town status is to have the support of the local council. As part of Fairtrade’s silver anniversary celebrations, Ilkley Town Council has this week renewed its commitment to Fairtrade and its support of Ilkley Fairtrade Group. Chair of Ilkley Fairtrade Group, Karen Palframan, said: “We are immensely proud that the Town Council backs Fairtrade and continues to support the global Fairtrade movement to tackle poverty through trade and ensure the people in developing countries who grow the foods we love are paid properly. Fairtrade puts people first, and aims to help them achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability. Fairtrade has come a long way in 25 years, but much more needs to be done. Farmers and workers continue to face huge challenges such as unstable prices and climate change. They deserve living incomes, so we urge everyone to buy Fairtrade labelled products and join us in asking our shops and businesses to offer more of them.”

Oxfam helped create the Fairtrade Foundation charity in 1992, and the Ilkley Oxfam shop has created a Fairtrade window feature in celebration of Fairtrade’s 25th anniversary. The shop has a range of Fairtrade goods for sale, which includes Cafe Direct and Divine chocolate items. Some of these have 25 per cent off until October 22.

Last Saturday a member of Ilkley Fairtrade Group joined over 150 others outside Hull Minster to help Fairtrade Yorkshire celebrate and Ilkley Fairtrade Group would love to hear about any local Fairtrade 25th birthday celebrations.

On Saturday October 26, Ilkley Fairtrade Group and Christchurch are hosting Fairtrade Yorkshire’s 2019 conference. The focus will be on the Fairtrade ‘Places of Worship’ scheme. Tim Aldred, Head of Policy at the Fairtrade Foundation, will be one of the speakers. The free event takes place from 1-4.30pm at Christchurch. Email to book a place.