A DIABETIC will tell a forthcoming voluntary group meeting how she is successfully managing her condition.

Nikki Moon, who is a Type 1 diabetic, will recount how she discovered she had the condition and how she came to change her eating regime after listening to advice from Low Carb Skipton.

In line with mainstream medical thinking Nikki, a teacher who lives in Skipton, said she was told by doctors to incorporate carbohydrates as part of a ‘balanced diet’ but after attending a Low Carb Skipton meeting she changed course.

“I realised that if you don’t eat carbs then you can drastically reduce your insulin medication. I did that and as a result I now have good control of my glucose levels” she said.

Low Carb Skipton founder Verner Wheelock said: “Nikki’s story is highly encouraging and once again proves that a major reduction in carbs, which are full of glucose, will have a hugely positive effect.

“ Unlike Type 2 diabetics Type 1s cannot put their condition into total reverse but with a disciplined low carb eating regime they can dramatically reduce their blood glucose levels resulting in greatly improved health.”

The monthly meeting of Low Carb Skipton, which is open to anyone interested in reducing their carbs and which attracts people from across Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven, will take place at 7pm on Monday, October 14, at the Rendezvous Hotel in Skipton.

A range of other subjects will feature at the meeting including the recently announced news about the low carb programme being rolled out by a number of local GP practices.

For more information about the meetings contact Verner Wheelock on 01535 636008 or at verner.wheelock@vwa.co.uk.