TWENTY mile per hour road markings are to be added to several roads in Bramhope.

Although a 20mph limit - with speed limit signs - has already been introduced on a number of residential streets residents are reporting that many drivers are ignoring it.

Councillor Barry Anderson took up those concerns with Leeds City Council.

He has been told that 20mph roundel road markings are set to be introduced at three points in the village to try to improve matters.

They will be added to sections of Breary Lane East, Hall Rise and Creskeld Lane.

The contractor the council is using is currently working through a backlog but the local authority has told Cllr Anderson it pressing for the Bramhope work to be done ‘swiftly’.

Leeds City Council has been introducing 20mph zones across its area, in a bid to cut speeding particularly in residential areas, for a number of years.

Plans to introduce the lower limit to more streets in Bramhope were announced at the end of 2018. While welcoming the move, Cllr Anderson warned at the time that it was important for the new limit to be enforced.