PRIMARY school pupils in Guiseley played a part in the Global Climate Strike when they staged a demonstration in their playground.

Youngsters from Tranmere Park Primary School added their voices to the millions around the world with a day of activities culminating in their own protest.

Pupils spent Friday researching and carrying out activities to bring a greater understanding of the issues around climate change and what they can do to help.During the day they looked at deforestation, the oceans and cities to examine what is happening and why.

A school spokesman said: "To highlight the contribution towards climate change by the fashion industry, every child and staff member was invited to come in non-uniform, so long as the clothes worn were either ethically produced or sourced, second-hand or bought from a charity shop.

"During the day, the children were asked to create displays showcasing what they had learnt using recycled and eco-friendly materials. As a visual representation of the damaging effects of climate change, these displays were sabotaged and ruined by the teachers using (recycled) cardboard oil spills and chainsaws."

The children went on to stage a demonstration in the playground where banners were waved and speeches were made by class representatives. Pupils chanted "System Change Not Climate Change" and "Be More Kiwi" - in reference to the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, who has urged fellow international leaders to not be "on the wrong side of history" around climate change.

The school strike culminated in a rendition of Big Yellow Taxi by Ciara Laven in Year 6, accompanied by her class-mates.

Deputy Head Ben Sutton said "Our children are already aware and are engaging with the issues of climate change - whether they know it or not - so we felt that the Global Climate Strike was an important enough day to further engage with. The children have learnt a great deal today and will hopefully be making changes in their day-to-day lives which will benefit us all."