CONTROVERSIAL plans to build a striking home in Ilkley have been approved, despite opposition from numerous neighbours.

Over two dozen people had objected to the plans for a three-storey house built in a large garden at 9 Oaklands in Ilkley.

Objectors said the modern design was out of character with the area, and its location on a slope would make it an “overpowering” feature.

The application was submitted by Mr and Mrs Foster.

Some of the objectors spoke at the meeting, with Chris Jones saying the plans were “intrusive and overbearing”.

Former Ilkley councillor Martin Smith spoke against the plan, saying access to the site by car would be dangerous.

But highways officers pointed out that Oaklands was not a through road, and the only cars on the street would be those travelling to and from other homes.

The committee was divided on the scheme but when it came to the vote it was approved by a narrow margin.

The existing garden site includes protected bluebells, and a “translocation” scheme that would see the flowers moved to a new location is one of the conditions of the approval.