THE NHS has issued advice to help people across Aireborough and Wharfedale stay safe this summer.

The health service in Leeds teamed up with Leeds City Council recently to hold an interactive ‘pop-up’ session in the city centre.

The event focused on the importance of hydration and passersby were invited to spin a ‘wheel of wee’ - a 6ft wheel showing the colour scale of urine, from dehydrated to hydrated. A reusable metal water bottle was up for grabs as a prize, and there was also a competition to work out how water should be drunk daily.

The NHS is following up on the day by issuing a number of tips for those in the wider Leeds area as part of its Stay Well This Summer campaign.

One of the easiest steps people can take is to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water, with about six to eight glasses a day - approximately two litres - being recommended.

That should be increased during hot weather, or for those working in physically demanding roles or sport.

The campaign team is also highlighting the fact that there are now many water refill points available at shops and businesses across Leeds and surrounding towns that have signed up to the Refill scheme - including Otley.

Warning signs of dehydration can include everything from thirst to muscle cramps, dry mouth, impaired vision and concentration, constipation, fatigue and dizziness.

Many Accident and Emergency departments experienced some of their busiest days last year during the prolonged hot spell, when people were being treated for conditions like heat stroke, dehydration and over-exposure.

Dr Gordon Sinclair, a local GP and Clinical Chair for NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said: “Our health and care services are incredibly busy all year round, but spells of extreme weather can have a significant impact especially where people could have taken small precautions to avoid getting ill or injured.

“If you do start to feel unwell and it’s not an emergency please contact NHS 111, where a trained advisor will help you access the most appropriate care.

“You can also get health advice and remedies from your local pharmacist.”

More details about Refill locations can be found by downloading the Refill app at .