MORE than 50 people have taken part in a peace demonstration at RAF Menwith Hill.

Protesters from across Yorkshire, including Otley, assembled outside the main gate of the base on Thursday, July 4 for the annual Independence from America Day. The demonstration was intended to highlight Menwith Hill’s role in gathering intelligence for the US’s National Security Agency and to question what the protesters describe as the base’s ‘lack of accountability’.

Those attending were entertained by the band Reason Breeds Monsters and by the East Lancs Clarion Choir, as well as poet Andy Croft.

There were also three speakers - Jenny Clegg from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Global Dangers Tour, Robin Brookes of Conscience (the Peace Tax Campaign) and Celia McKeon, of Re-thinking Security.

The event was organised by the Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign and Yorkshire CND.