THE INSPIRATIONAL role of mountains is explored in a new book by a local author.

Heather Dawe will hold a launch evening for her latest work, High Inspiration, in Otley on Friday, June 28. The launch takes place at The Art Works, on Courthouse Street, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm and will include readings from the writer plus a display of some of her artwork.

Heather, a data scientist, is also a painter, cyclist and runner and has two previously published books - plus an anthology - to her name.

Explaining the backdrop to her new work, she said: “In the summer of 2014 I ran around the Tour de Mont Blanc, the classic mountain tour in the heart of the Alps. Travelling over and through high passes, wide valleys and Alpine towns, this book describes the journey - its challenges, experiences and incredible mountain scenery.

“Illustrated by paintings of some of the scenes I saw while running along, High Inspiration also explores the drive behind mountain running and racing, and of how simply being in the mountains has inspired climbers, writers, artists and innovators.”

High Inspiration is published on June 27 and pre-orders can be made at . The launch is free to attend and places should be booked at .