OTLEY’S MP has shared a platform with Labour’s Brexit Secretary in Leeds.

Keir Starmer spoke about the party’s stance on leaving the EU - and offering a second public vote - at the Heart centre in Headingley on Thursday, May 9.

MP Alex Sobel (Lab, Leeds North West) was also part of the panel at the event.

Referring to his time working with Eurojust - a European judicial cooperation unit - Mr Starmer told a packed audience that: “We’d share our intelligence on terrorist gangs, those that exploit children and women, and traffic people.”

Linking that to those who were calling on politicians to ‘just get on’ with Brexit and accept a no-deal scenario, he added: “ I couldn’t ‘get on’ with chucking all that out the window.”

Mr Sobel said: “In the 2017 and in e-mails and in all of my surgeries people were clear with me that the current trajectory of Brexit is not right for them nor the country.

“That is why at every level I have campaigned for a confirmatory public vote with the option to remain as it is only right that the people get the final say.”