A FAN of the band The Script saw her dream come true when she had the opportunity to meet her idols.

Anna Prosser, of Ilkley, was selected to attend a free meet and greet with the band ahead of a gig they were playing in Halifax.

Anna said:”I was buzzing with excitement.

“I went with my support worker to Halifax. We queued outside the theatre for two hours and met other fans.

“At 7:10pm we got to the ticket office to get our Meet and Greet wristbands. Then we went upstairs to meet The Script which was fantastic. Danny asked me what was my favourite song and I couldn’t get my words out. I was extremely shy. My favourite song is Never Seen Anything Quite Like You. My best thing was a hug from Danny. It was my best day of my life.”

Anna is well known in Ilkley as a member of Outside the Box, who support people with a learning disability, and as a prolific fundraiser for children in India.