RUNNER Debbie Bland, from Menston, ran her 15th London Marathon in four hours, eight minutes and two seconds - a full 52 minutes inside her target Good for Age time of five hours.

Debbie, who runs for local club Airecentre Pacers, was raising funds for a local animal rescue centre, Moorview Rescue and thanks to the generosity of friends and local people she has raised nearly £700 for them.

Debbie handed over the final £65 to Amber Rose, manager of Moorview Rescue at Saturday’s Dog Fest Day in Nunroyd Park, Guiseley.

Moorview rescues and rehomes a wide variety of animals. Debbie said: “As the owner of a rescued Staffie I know that the rescue centres need a lot of financial support to enable running costs and especially vet fees to be met. Some dogs arrive in a very poor condition and need a lot of expensive care to bring them back to full health before they are re-homed.”