DOG walkers and their pets can enjoy some fun on Otley Chevin this Easter weekend - hunting for eggs.

Dog trainer Kerry Lawson, aka The Fairydogmother, will be running The Easter Super Sniffers Challenge at the beauty spot on Easter Sunday, April 21.

The event is free to enter and will involve large plastic eggs - all filled with dog-friendly toys - being hidden around the area.

The dogs will have to sniff out the eggs: two of which will contain special prizes in the form of a £50 and a £25 gift voucher.

Kerry, from Yeadon, says she has organised the event ‘to say Happy Easter to all the great dog people out there who are out walking their dogs instead of sitting at home stuffing their faces with chocolate!’.

She said: “To find the Easter eggs the dogs will have to use their amazing sense of smell, encouraged by their owner of course - this is about teamwork.

“I will be there to help and guide people on how to encourage their dog to use their nose. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell, way beyond anything us mere humans can smell.

“Our dogs understand and investigate the world predominantly using their sense of smell and although a dog’s brain is only a tenth of the size of a human brain the area that controls smell is 40 times larger.”

Kerry has also seen a lot of dogs who end up going ‘AWOL’ during walks because their owners are not interacting enough with them.

She added: “As an expert in recall and teaching clients how to have a great off-lead dog who stays with them instead of running off and doing their own thing, I want to show dog owners how much fun they can have keeping their dogs engaged on a walk, and working as a team.

“As I explain in my forthcoming book, having a great off-lead dog is about dogs wanting to be with their owner, building amazing relationships and owners being more fun - so their dog chooses to stay and play with them instead of running off.”

People can find out more about the Easter Super Sniffer Challenge by visiting or, where they can sign up for free clues to help their egg hunt.