A YOGA teacher is holding two Yoga for Cancer workshops after losing her own dad to the disease.

Sophie Whitrick, 25, says the workshops will create a safe community where participants can “find peace of mind and support through the use of restorative yoga and meditation.

Sophie said: “My dad got throat cancer first when I was in 6th form, but he was strong and determined and overcame it.

“However in 2017 it came back again, and he fought hard for a year solid, unfortunately it was stronger than him this time around. We made the most of the year, had our last family holiday in Arran where Dad climbed a mountain, (Goats Fell), in fact he was first up, it wasn’t his physical strength that got him there either, but his mental strength.”

Sophie’s dad Nick Whitrick sadly passed away October 6th 2018.

She said: “Through my time in this process I found yoga kept me grounded and made me feel relief in such dark times. I decided that this is what I now want to do for a career - try to help people who feel lost.

“In February I went to do my teacher training and also did the Yoga for Cancer course. Through the whole process I was driven with passion and could just hear my Dad’s voice in my head saying “Go on Soph!”.

“Now I am back home running my own Yoga Classes and have my own business King Pigeon Yoga. It’s been so important to me to get the Yoga For Cancer workshop going, and if it’s popular I would like to start a weekly class.

“The aim of the class is to create a community for people on their cancer journeys where they feel safe and have peace of mind. I often think, though we were a close family and supported each other, that my Dad felt isolated in his treatment and disease.

“He would often beat himself up when it wasn’t his fault, the thought of it makes me so sad. My aim is through meditation and mindfulness people will accept it’s not their fault and it’s okay to be on this journey, that they are loved.

“There will also be gentle, restorative yoga sequence, to help motivate the body to move and the chemicals that are released with that movement help to improve mood and stamina. It can also help with patients who have had operations and radiotherapy, as it stops scar tissue you have from becoming stiff and solid. But most of all it is to create a community and have escape from the emotions that cancer causes.”

The workshops take place at The Yoga Barre Ilkley on Thursday, April 25 and Saturday, April 27 from 2pm to 3.30pm. Each class has room for 20 people.

To book contact www.theyogabarre.co.uk.

For further information contact Sophie at kingpigeonyoga@gmail.com or 07788884376.