LEEDS City Council has announced the candidates in the town and parish council elections to be held on May 2.

Bramhope and Carlton Parish Council candidates:

Bramhope Ward

Alan Charles Anslow. 27 Wymore Avenue, Bramhope.

David Eric Bryant. 85 Leeds Road, Bramhope.

Simon Hugh Cooper. 32 Old Lane, Bramhope.

Billy Flynn. 31 East Causeway Vale, Adel.

Martin Alan Fogel. 110 Leeds Road, Bramhope.

Diane Elaine Fox. 99 Breary Lane East, Bramhope.

Hilary Susan Harris. 33 The Poplars, Bramhope.

Rob Haswell (Address in Leeds).

Lesley Anne Hoff. 2 Parklands Crescent, Bramhope.

John Meredith Howard. 15 Hall Rise, Bramhope.

Lawrence. (Address in Leeds).

Marion Agnes Rider. 23 The Poplars, Bramhope.

Carlton Ward

Ian Robinson. 6 Kings Road, Bramhope.

Harewood Parish Council - Harewood and Wike Ward.

Hill Kate Mary, 27 Harewood Mews, Harewood, Caring, Hardworking, Committed To Our Community.

Masterton Richard Douglas, 60 Bondgate, Harewood, Independent.

Harewood Parish Council - Wigton Ward.

Frankland Julie, 21 The Avenue, Harewood.

Hughes Carol, (Address in Leeds).

McLeod, Ken, 154 Wigton Lane.

Suckall Dennis 9 Harewood Mews, Harewood.

Horsforth Town Council - Broadfields Ward.

Connors Martin Pau,l (Address in Leeds), Labour Party.

Dowling Sam, 4 Springfield Close, Horsforth, Liberal Democrats.

Garvani John, 33 Newlay Grove, Horsforth, Labour Party.

Hyndes Eddie, 12 Bachelor Lane, Horsforth, Labour Party.

Jones Raymond Wyn, 41 St James Drive, Horsforth, Labour Party.

Mercer Joel David 50 King George Avenue, Horsforth, Local Conservatives.

Shaw Rosa Sarah 24 Alexandra Road, Horsforth, Green Party.

Sloan Briony Ann (Address in Leeds) Labour Party.

Tuck Rob 33 St James Terrace, Horsforth, Liberal Democrat.

Horsforth Town Council - Brownberrie Ward.

Capitano Reiss Lewis, 49 Sussex Avenue, Horsforth, Local Conservatives.

Collins, Dawn Julia, Wellroyd Lodge, Knott Lane, Leeds, Local Conservatives.

Dewhirst David Michael Walden, Red Roofs, New York Lane, Rawdon, Labour Party.

Forster Becky, 39 St Margaret`s Avenue, Horsforth, Labour Party.

Glover Christine Amy, 3 Harker Terrace, Stanningley, Pudsey, Liberal Democrats.

Harris Rob, 68 Salmon Crescent, Horsforth, Local Conservatives.

Haynes Bernie 205 Low Lane, Leeds, Labour Party.

Leech Matt, Flat 1, 89 Town Street, Horsforth, Local Conservatives.

Scott Ian Harold, (Address in Leeds) Liberal Democrats.

Horsforth Town Council - Hall Park Ward.

Arbuckle Kate, (Address in Leeds), Liberal Democrats.

Baran Rosie, (Address in Leeds), Labour Party.

Dowling Simon Mark, 4 Springfield Close, Horsforth, Liberal Democrats.

Hardcastle Richard, 8 Hunger Hills Avenue, Horsforth, Local Conservatives.

Macfarlane Gordon, 56 Rawdon Road, Horsforth, Local Conservatives.

Mallott Peter John, 29 Park Drive, Horsforth, Local Conservatives.

McCargo Ian Joseph, 174 New Road Side, Horsforth, Labour Party.

Mowshowitz Seth Isaiah (Address in Leeds) Green Party.

Stones Tracy Kathryn, 75 West End Lane, Horsforth, Local Conservatives.

Horsforth Town Council - Victoria Ward.

Arbuckle Jude Patrick, 209 Hall Lane, Horsforth, Liberal Democrats.

Batchelor Becca, 28 Rose Terrace, Horsforth, Leeds, Labour Party.

Heaviside Becky, 2 Riseholme, 1 Clarence Road, Horsforth, Liberal Democrats.

Prater David Ewart 3 Newlay Wood Avenue, Horsforth, Labour Party.

Sellers Charlotte Nicola, 46 Abbey Court, Horsforth, Local Conservatives.

Young Jordan Luke, 28 Victoria Close, Horsforth, Local Conservatives.

Horsforth Town Council - Woodside Ward.

Calvert Chris, 126 Low Lane, Horsforth, Local Conservatives.

Garvani Gillian, (Address in Leeds), Labour Party.

Jacques Rob, 34 Station Road, Horsforth, Liberal Democrats.

Taylor Jonathon David, Flat 1 Park House Mews, 77 Back Lane, Horsforth, Local Conservatives.

Otley Town Council election candidates:

Ashfield Ward

Gareth Christopher Dibble, 81 Meagill Rise, Otley. Liberal Democrats

Kim Holmes. 61 Meagill Rise, Otley. Liberal Democrats.

Pete Jackson. 24 The Oval, Otley. Liberal Democrats.

John Richardson. 17 Queens Terrace, Otley. Labour Party.

Paul Roberts. (Address in Leeds). Labour Party.

Mark Terence Rollinson. 16 Westbourne Drive, Guiseley. Green Party.

Sylvia Brenda Thomson. 2 Otley Road, Menston.

Helen Mary Toft. 8 Bloomfield Square. Labour Party.

Luke Turnbull. Summerfield, East Busk Lane, Otley. Labour Party.

Danefield Ward

Mick Bradley. 52 The Oval. Otley. Green Party.

Callum Alexander Francis. 6 Pearsons Buildings, Otley. Independent - Working For Otley And You.

Nigel Francis. 6 Pearsons Buildings. Independent - Working For Otley And You.

Ray Georgeson. Valley View, 41 Leeds Road. Liberal Democrats.

Ian Jackson. 43 Bennett Court, Weston Drive. Liberal Democrats.

Nick Millington. 29 Crow Lane, Otley. Labour Party.

Keith Edwards Nathan. 4 Brogans Yard, Otley. Labour Party.

Peter Whelan. Pool Lodge, Old Pool Bank. Liberal Democrats.

Manor Ward

Paul Andrew Carter. 14 Wesley Street, Otley. Liberal Democrats.

Nigel James Gill. 39 Ramsey Terrace, Otley. Labour Party.

Helen Marian Jenner. 55 Boroughgate, Otley. Labour Party.

Elliot Edwards Nathan. 27 All Saints Court, Otley. Labour Party.

Penny Robinson. 55 Westgate, Otley. Liberal Democrats.

Sue Stepan. (Address in Leeds). Green Party.

Mary Winfrid Theresa Vickers. 3 Riverdale Court, Otley. Liberal Democrats.

Prince Henry Ward

Stephen Andrew Blackman. (Address in Leeds). Labour Party.

Michael Andrew Blackwell. (Address in Leeds). Labour Party.

Colin Andrew Campbell. 11 Prince Henry Road, Otley. Liberal Democrats.

Charlotte Anne Hunt. (Address in Leeds). Green Party.

Ray Smith. 6 Lisker Avenue, Otley. Liberal Democrats.

West Chevin Ward

Jo Allen. 52 Ilkley Road, Otley. Liberal Democrats.

Liz Carr. (Address in Leeds). Labour Party.

Catherine Harrison. (Address in Leeds). Green Party.

Graham Robert Hill. 59 Cross Green, Otley. Labour Party.

Linda Joan Hoare. 118 Bradford Road, Otley. Liberal Democrats.

John Stephen Howarth. 18 East Busk Lane, Otley. Labour Party.

Richard Bailey Hughes. 5 West Chevin Road, Otley. Liberal Democrats.

Pool-in-Wharfedale Parish Council candidates:

Gavin John Marsh Barlow. (Address in Harrogate).

Belinda Jane Cooke. Quarry Farm House, Quarry Farm Road, Pool.

Judith Irene Davey. (Address in Leeds).

Hazel Valerie Lee. Sunrising, 6 Park Terrace, Old Pool Bank.

Emma Louise Mifsud. 4 Wharfe Crescent, Pool.

Richard Parker. 1 The Beeches, Pool.

Joanna Rowling. 21A Manor Crescent, Pool.

Barbara Wheeler. (Address in Leeds).

Rawdon Parish Council - Cragg Wood Ward.

Brosnan David. Hazelwood, Springwood Road, Rawdon, Labour Party.

Hunt Neil Richard, Wellroyd Lodge, Knott Lane, Rawdon, Local Conservatives.

Rawdon Parish Council - Greenacre Ward.

Gilmore Roland Willis, 22 Lombard Street, Rawdon,Yorkshire Party.

Middleton Peter William Anville, Moorlands Drive, Yeadon, Leeds, Independent.

Sloan Briony Ann, (Address in Leeds), Labour Party.

Wadsworth Paul John Spencer, 58 Westfield Avenue, Yeadon, Leeds, Local Conservative.

Rawdon Parish Council - Larkfield Ward.

Barber Robert Michael, 24 Larkfield Avenue, Rawdon, Local Conservatives.

Buxton Bob, 38 Markham Crescent, Rawdon, Leeds, Yorkshire Party.

Jones Raymond Wyn, 41 St James Drive, Horsforth, Labour Party.

Taylor John Douglas, 37 Batter Lane, Rawdon, Local Conservatives.

Rawdon Parish Council - Layton Ward

Collins Dawn Julia, Wellroyd Lodge, Knott Lane, Rawdon, Local Conservatives.

Dewhirst David Michael, Walden Red Roofs, New York Lane, Rawdon, Labour Party.

Shemilt Jackie, 2 Billing Drive, Rawdon, Local Conservatives.

Warrior Michael, 1 New York Cottages, New York Lane, Rawdon, Local Conservatives.