A LOCAL charity is appealing for volunteers who can spare a couple of hours each week to help older or infirm people with their shopping needs.

The ShopAssist Scheme, run by Ilkley and District Good Neighbours, aims to enhance people’s mental and physical health by enabling people who are unable to shop independently to get out of their homes and do a regular weekly shop at a local supermarket with a volunteer.

“An increasing number of people are feeling isolated and lonely, and want to continue doing normal life activities such as their own shopping,” said ShopAssist co-ordinator Judith.

“As we know many older people no longer have relatives living nearby who can undertake a regular or even occasional shopping trip with them. This is where our ShopAssist volunteers can be a great help. They collect clients by car, at a pre-arranged time on a specific day, from their homes, take them to a local supermarket of their choice, and then back home again.

“For the clients, it’s a welcome trip away from their normal environment and the chance to get out. For the volunteers it’s an opportunity to make a real contribution to someone’s way of life and well-being.”

The Scheme currently has a waiting list of clients. All the clients are mobile but may be slightly slow or use a stick or other walking aid. The volunteer will normally help pack the shopping at the check-out and once at the client’s home can offer to unpack it if needed.

Volunteers must have a driving licence and access to a car and need to be able to commit to a regular shopping trip, usually once a week or a fortnight. If a volunteer happens to be on holiday or absent for a period of time they will be covered by stand-by volunteers. All the clients live in the Ilkley, Addingham, Burley and Menston areas.

If you would like to volunteer or want more information contact info@goodneighbourslkley.org.uk , call 01943603348 or visit www.goodneighboursilkley.org.uk