A PARLIAMENTARY candidate has spoken out about the benefits of Visit My Mosque Day.

Kamran Hussain, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Leeds North West, says this year’s event provided an important ‘reminder that the majority from different faiths and communities get along fine’.

He said: “Visit My Mosque Day on Sunday, March 3 was a welcome and timely change from the divisions in our country. Here in Leeds, like most of the UK, most people are happy to celebrate the diversity and multiculturalism that makes our country great.

“Even though mosques and other religious places are different, they have lots of shared values and are built on kindness and compassion.

“We have an opportunity to recognise shared values. It’s a chance to celebrate those areas and aspirations that we have in common.

“The Liberal Democrats demand better than discrimination. We will fight all types of hate crime and our campaign will speak to voters of all faiths, of no faith, and from all of Leeds’ varied communities.”