A CHILDREN’S book author with a brain tumour has launched a fundraising webpage to help give her children happy memories of her.

Laura Edmonds launched her ‘bucket list’ venture after quickly raising money for an assistance dog and a mobility scooter to help her cope with effects of the disease.

Laura spent eight years living in Cullingworth and Wilsden before moving recently with her family to Horsforth.

She writes the Building Memories series of books about issues that children and families go through such as disability, sexuality and death.

Her aim is for children to relate to the characters and find comfort the fictional heroes cope with their situations.

Laura said that after she received the tumour diagnosis, she and her wife discussed options but discovered doctors could not do much.

She said: “We were originally planning to get funding together for surgery abroad as it’s too dangerous to attempt here, but unfortunately even that is not an option, so I’m making the most of this ‘new life’.

“I’m struggling to keep things 'normal looking' for the children – with my constant trips and falls, I have to use a stick or my ‘lady mobile’.”

Laura and her family set up a GoFundMe page with a target of £3,000 and have already raised £2,905.

They initially planned simply to raise £160 for a harness for their pet Luna, who had been accepted for assistance dog training, then added another £2,000 for a mobility scooter.

Laura said: “These will give me a little more independence back and hopefully a little more confidence.There are only so many times I can fall and upset the children.

“I could not be more devastated by any of this but I will keep fighting. I just need a little bit of help.”

Laura said that because of the “amazing support” from friends and family in the first few days, she decided to raise further money to fulfil the wishes and dreams of her children.

She said: “I know that soon their hearts will break, so my bucket list is to be able to watch them do, see and have everything possible.

“My wish is to build amazing memories they will keep for the rest of their lives, to remember me fondly and trump the sad memories.

“It hurts that I won’t be there for any of their life events, falling in love, growing into fantastic adults or have their own children. So I need them to remember me in the best way!”

Visit gofundme.com and enter “Guide dog harness and mobility aid + memories” in the search box.