ILKLEY residents have just over two weeks to make their views known on proposed parking restrictions for town.

Bradford Council last week formally advertised phase one of the parking proposals it plans to put into operation. People now have until just noon on Friday, March 1 to formally object or comment.

The proposals include:

• On-street pay and display including both long stay and short stay

• A residents’ permit parking scheme

• Shared residents’ permit parking and pay and display parking

• A new taxi rank on Station Road

• New disabled parking bays

• Limited waiting areas

• No waiting at any time in new locations

Councillor Anne Hawkesworth (Ind, Ilkley) urged residents, businesses and Ilkley workers to look at the proposals and make their views known. "I am not sure if people realise the detail of it all and what impact it will have, especially on businesses and shops and the people who work in them," she said. "It is not just about having to pay to park on-street, it is about how many spaces they are taking away.

"One problem is that now some residents think it is pointless objecting as it is a 'done deal'. They wonder if it is pointless as their views given at the consultation were ignored (residents words).

"However, people should lodge their specific objections and they will have to be assessed and taken to committee."

A Bradford Council spokesperson, said: “Ilkley’s parking problems are well documented.

“The town has become a major transport hub with commuters parking on residential roads which has meant residents have found it impossible to park outside their homes and parking spaces intended for shoppers are being used for all-day parking.

“An independent review of the existing parking issues in Ilkley was commissioned by the Council. It made a number of recommendations which the Council has consulted on.

“The comprehensive consultation gathered over 800 responses from online surveys and several drop-in sessions where over 2000 people attended.

“The proposals aim to allow local residents to park outside their properties, increase parking space turnover for shoppers and provide better parking facilities for disabled drivers.

“The Council also wants to encourage more sustainable and healthy travel like walking, cycling and public transport, which can reduce demand for parking in the town centre.”

At the end of the advertising period, any objections will go through the normal democratic process and be considered.

There are a number of possible outcomes including abandoning the proposals, adjusting them and proceeding, or proceeding as outlined.

People can send their grounds for objection in writing by quoting reference CORP/PCD/CEB/403652 for waiting loading and parking, or CORP/PCD/CEB/403651 for tariffs via: Post - City Solicitor, Legal and Democratic Services, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, City Hall, Bradford BD1 1HY or email - This must be by no later than noon on Friday, March 1, 2019.