“PEOPLE just aren’t looking after our world!”

That is the view of reception children at Moorfield School in Ilkley who have embarked on a project to make positive choices to impact the environment.

Engaging in a child-led curriculum, the pupils have taken the lead in trying to spread the word in various ways - noting that it could be a “big job”.

Environmental issues they are “very concerned” about include the amount of waste in landfill, the welfare of animals in the environment as a result of the disposal of waste, and the amount of energy and water which could be saved.

Things they have been doing to help include:

* Changing the lyrics to ‘Baby Shark’ to compose a ‘Save our World’ song which can be viewed on Moorfield’s Facebook page.

* Writing a letter to families to suggest small things they can do at home to help the environment such as turning off switches and taps.

* Making a large ‘Sea Cycling’ fish from chicken wire for the school to put their recycling in.

* Taking part in a litter pick around Ilkley.

* Making their own paper from recycled paper and reusing old items to create new models to use in their play.

* Allocating an ‘energy monitor’ for the classroom.

Despite being only four and five years old, they have all realised the importance of acting now, expressing that they: “don’t want to live in a world that doesn’t care about the environment”.

Head Teacher, Mr Paul Baddeley, said he was delighted with the children’s initiative.

“At Moorfield one of our key aims is that children show care and respect for everyone and everything on our planet,” he said.

“It’s fantastic to see some of our youngest children taking such a positive lead on this and showing us all how it should be done.”