FLOODS, earthquakes, volcanoes and mountains were among the themes explored in a school’s annual ‘Thing in the Hall’ event.

The hall at Yeadon Westfield Junior School was transformed as staff and pupils looked at various aspects of Our Powerful Planet.

The ‘Thing in the Hall’ tradition began 20 years ago, when current headteacher Lisa Piotrowicz attended a course at The Playhouse which encouraged the use of creative environments for all aspects of the curriculum, especially writing. The staff transformed the hall using drapes and props, a tradition which has continued every four years since.

This year’s themes link to geography work with volcanoes (Year 3), floods in Venice (Year 4), earthquakes (Year 5) and mountains (Year 6).

A spokeswoman for the school said: “All the children were given time to explore and it was super to see their eager faces with lots of comments such as ‘This is brilliant’ and ‘Is this really the hall?’.

Mrs Piotrowicz thanked everyone who had worked hard to make the event a success.