OTLEY’S former MP has praised the town’s community spirit after being helped following an accident.

Greg Mulholland, who is an Otley Ambassador, cut his head on his car tailgate while visiting the town’s Asda supermarket last weekend.

He was immediately assisted by two passersby and a first-aider from Asda.

Mr Mulholland’s daughters Maddie and Isabel also lent a hand before an ambulance arrived to take him to Leeds General Infirmary to be patched up.

Speaking after returning home, he said: “I’m very grateful to all the lovely people who assisted me after I cut my head.

“I was bleeding heavily and Mark ‘Harry’ Harrison and his wife, Jenny, stopped to help me. They were proper Good Samaritans and they fetched Adam, the first-aider from Asda.

“Together they stemmed the bleeding, so a big thanks to all of them.

“I was then looked after extremely well by the excellent paramedics Rob and Mark, from Yorkshire Ambulance Service, and received excellent care from the superb staff at the LGI.

“A big thanks to all of them too, all everyday heroes and a reminder of how lucky we are to have the NHS.

“Maddie and Isabel kept calm, with 10 year old Maddie going in to Asda to buy some tissues with her own money to help look after her dad and big sister Isabel bringing a towel from home!

“I appreciate all the help and it was an example of the best in people and how lucky I am to be part of a lovely community here in Otley, with such positive community spirit.”

Mr Mulholland was the Leeds North West MP for the Liberal Democrats for 12 years before losing the seat, to Labour’s Alex Sobel, in June, 2017.

He announced in 2018 that he would not be standing for election again unless there was a major shake-up in British politics.

The father-of-three is now a campaigning and public affairs consultant and the singer-songwriter of local folk-rock band Summercross.