THE new Menston village Remembrance Tree to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the armistice has been planted.

It stands in the Parish Churchyard, complete with ribbons representing the prayers and wishes for peace of those who attended the Remembrance Day service at Kirklands. As it grows, it will serve as a reminder of the peace that we committed ourselves to work towards as a community.

The vicar, the Rev Steve Proudlove, said:“We owe so much to those who went before us and gave their lives for us.

“This tree will remind us, as we walk past it each day, to honour the peace so hard won, and work for peace in our community and our wider world. All who tied a ribbon, made a wish, whispered a prayer – all of us who share the gift of peace – must now give that gift to each other, just as God gave it to us.”

The Remembrance tree is in the Parish Churchyard which is open to the public at all times.