OTLEY Library will close this week to allow major refurbishment work to begin.

The Leeds City Council owned building, on Nelson Street, is expected to be closed for at least a month for the scheme which will include:

*Creating a new toilet

*Replacing the carpets and installing new blinds

*Repairing the heating system

*Tackling a damp problem.

The town's three (Liberal Democrat) ward councillors, however, think much more is needed.

Councillor Ryk Downes said: "New carpets, public toilets and repairs to the heating system are to be welcomed but so much more could have been done to upgrade the building."

Councillor Sandy Lay said: "A number of services, such as the registrar of births and deaths, have been removed from the building because it was impossible to provide a private space.

"We asked for, and were promised, that new rooms would be created for private interviews. Instead what we have are some second-hand 'interview pods' shipped in from Leeds. Most of the other changes are purely cosmetic."

Councillor Colin Campbell added: "Despite the council's comments on energy efficiency and the latest warnings on climate change there have been no efforts to make the building more energy efficient.

"At the very least solar panels on the roof would have meant the building could have generated its own electricity.

"Though we have pressed for this along with other measures, cost has been used once again as the excuse.

"This is a false economy - this is the most fuel inefficient building in Otley and over their lifetime the panels would produce a profit for the council and cut the town's carbon footprint."