A FOLK-ROCK band from Otley has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help it complete its first album.

Summercross is recording 12 original compositions for My Northern Heart, which it hopes to release in the new year.

The songs tackle a variety of subjects with several, including Irish Fields - about the Irish refugees who came to Otley during the Great Famine - covering local history.

Others, like No Boats on the River, deal with more recent events while Last of England is about ‘the corporate attack on English pubs’..

The band consists of singer-songwriter and guitarist Greg Mulholland; Annie Raynor on flute, whistle and vocals; Jim Caswell on guitar and vocals; Mary Huby on violin; Dave McKendrick on bass guitar; and Nic Shipps on drums and percussion.

Greg is looking forward to Summercross’s debut recording becoming available - but first money is needed to finish it and get the album into a format people can buy.

He said: “We’re very excited to be releasing our debut. People have been asking us to do this for a while and we’re delighted we are now recording it and hope lots of people will help make it happen.

“With some of the songs being about local history, we’re keen to record them so they can also tell important stories about the area.

“We are looking forward to releasing My Northern Heart in the new year and then playing live. We thank all those who are supporting us, it’s much appreciated!”

Summercross is asking fans to order a copy of the album in advance for £10. Everyone who pledges will receive a copy and there will also be some special rewards available.

Visit https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/funding-for-our-debut-album-my-northern-heart-?tk=4d57dfbd37bdaeda47038be9ac62c01ce0864b6b to find out more