A TWO-DAY local arts event this weekend saw the opening of a pop-up gallery and people following insects outside.

The Ilkley Arts Weekend, on Saturday, 6 October and Sunday, 7 October, was spread across two venues with visitors invited to take part in a number of activities.

At the Nell Bank Outdoor Centre over 20 artists were selling their work and there were also several workshops available.

Outside this venue, organisers set up an insect sculpture trail for children, adults and families to follow.

Some of the markers explorers had to look out for were ants, beetles and butterflies.

The New Ilkley Arts Studio was the other venue for people to visit.

This weekend also saw the launch of a pop-gallery at the studio, which runs until Tuesday, October 9.

Some of the artists included Libby Jubb, Howard Gardiner, Pippa Hamilton and Rebecca Carr.

The call for submissions for next year’s event will come in November this year.

Next year’s Art Trail is set to run across three days.