A SERVICE is to be held at a World War I Commemorative Garden in Aireborough in October to mark the centenary of the armistice.

The commemoration will take place at Nunroyd Park on Thursday, October 11.

Organised by the Guiseley and Rawdon Ward Members, the service will be welcoming representatives from local schools and civic organisations to honour those who gave their lives in WWI. Just under 1,000,000 British soldiers died in the conflict.

Although the official armistice anniversary is in November, the service is being held a month early to also mark the first anniversary of the opening of the Commemorative Garden in Nunroyd Park, which was dedicated to Aireborough’s fallen in the service of their country.

The three ward councillors for Guiseley and Rawdon spoke of the importance of remembering those who lost their lives.

Councillor Graham Latty said: “A whole generation of mostly young men gave their tomorrow so that we might have our today and the day that we forget that will be the day that we cease to be worthy of that sacrifice.”

Councillor Pat Latty added: “The Commemorative Garden was designed as a place for peaceful reflection and it was opened on October 11 last year. It is fitting now that we are able to combine two anniversaries. The garden is a focal point for the community to come together and I am proud to support this tribute to our servicemen and women.”

Councillor Paul Wadsworth said: “The Garden is there for the whole community to use. Invitations have been sent to local schools and groups, but we would like to see as many people there as can make it. A moment of your time is a small price to pay to remember those from Aireborough who gave up everything.”

Guests are asked to arrive at 10.45am to allow the service to start promptly at 11am. It will last for approximately 30 minutes.

Former servicemen and women were among those who attended the opening of the commemorative garden at Nunroyd Park last year.

The three ward councillors had led on the development of the project during the previous two years.