A DROUGHT order is being sought for a Wharfedale reservoir that has run low.

The Environment Agency says the order for Carr Bottom Reservoir, at Burley Woodhead, will 'help to preserve dwindling water stocks'.

Carr Bottom is a compensation flow reservoir which means it is used to support downstream river levels rather than supply drinking water.

An Environment Agency spokesman said: "The Environment Agency is using its regulatory powers to protect water stocks in a reservoir in Yorkshire following a prolonged period of exceptionally dry weather this summer.

"Although there has been some rain in recent weeks, reservoir levels remain very low and the coming months may see lower than average rainfall.

"The Agency is applying for a legal order, called a drought order, that will allow Yorkshire Water to reduce outflows of water from Carr Bottom Reservoir at Burley-in-Wharfedale.

"This regulatory action will help to preserve dwindling water stocks to protect plants and animals downstream in the future.

"This reservoir is not currently being used for drinking water supplies, and the order will have no impact on drinking water supplies.

"The water we all use every day comes from our environment and we urge everyone, from industry to people at home, to use it wisely."

A Yorkshire Water spokesman added: "Levels in the reservoir are low due to the very dry summer so the Environment Agency are seeking permission to reduce the amount of water that is discharged into the river.

"This will help preserve stocks for longer, meaning the environment is protected for longer.

"Customers’ water supplies will not be affected by the changes proposed in the drought order."