A “monster” who beat his partner so badly their house looked “like a scene from a horror movie” has been jailed for 27 months.

Ethan Mitchell, 25, of Ogden House, Danecourt Road, Holme Wood, attacked his girlfriend in the street in Central Avenue, Shipley, following a drunken argument, before attacking her again at her home on July 7.

Dave McKay, prosecuting, said Mitchell was working at The Mill in Baildon, when his boss gave him a lift to the woman’s house to pick her up. His boss brought them both back to the pub, where they both had drinks but were not drunk.

They started arguing, after which the woman stormed out and he followed her. They went to the local Asda and bought a crate of beer, and were seen arguing by members of the public, with Mitchell saying he “would kick the f*** out of her”.

They then walked to Central Avenue where they began arguing again, waking residents up. Mr McKay said Mitchell threw the crate of beer at the woman, missing her but causing her to fall over, before kicking her in the body and dragging her by her hair, before “kicking her head like a football”.

When people told him to stop, he replied “F*** off or I will kick your head in”, before a resident took the woman into their home to tend to her injuries and he walked off.

Police were called and saw a lump on the woman’s head, but she refused to make a complaint and walked off. An hour later, both were at her house when a neighbour heard a smashing noise and several bangs and thuds.

Some hours later, Mitchell went to a phone box and rang an ambulance, saying someone had broken in and beat her up.

Mr McKay said: “Paramedics found her bleeding heavily and a scene like something out of a horror movie.

“Blood was all over the walls and the floor and in the bathroom, and the woman had a large laceration on her forehead, under her eyelid, bruising under both eyes and behind her ear and multiple bruises to her whole body.

“Her skull could be seen through one of the cuts, which will result in permanent scarring. It was a sustained attack with a weapon by using his foot.”

Jayne Beckett, mitigating, said Mitchell is taking the incident seriously and was “ashamed” of his actions, and during his time in custody has attended alcohol awareness, stress management and education sessions.

In sentencing, the Recorder of Bradford Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said: “No matter how nice you are when you are sober, you can be very dangerous when in drink.

“You have obvious intelligence when sober and have shown remorse, which provides balance to the problematic streak in your personality. It is not usual to have this. You caused this woman extreme fear and extreme injury, it was a very unpleasant assault.

“It was a sustained and dreadful assault, with an sustained and dreadful assault, with an utterly disgraceful list of injuries.

“Paramedics said it looked like a scene from a horror movie, and when you have a drink you are a monster suited to a horror movie. It amazes me still how ladies who are victims of domestic violence, out of the kindness of their hearts, feel unable to complain."

Mitchell has 12 convictions for 23 offences dating back to 2007, including a number of violent offences and drugs offences. He was jailed for 27 months for grievous bodily harm and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Detective Chief Inspector Paula Bickerdike, of Bradford District Police, said: “We hope the sentence will be of some comfort to his victim and will allow her to move forward with her life. We also hope it will encourage other victims of domestic violence in Bradford District to come forward and engage with the local Safeguarding Unit, who will investigate all reports to make sure victims are safeguarded and action is taken against the perpetrators.”