FOUNDER of Bradford car retailer JCT600, Jack Tordoff, flipped his Porsche onto its roof in a crash in Apperley Bridge, causing rush hour delays

The crash, which only involved Mr Tordoff’s Porsche, was reported to police at 4.21pm yesterday.

A spokesperson for JCT600 confirmed the 83-year-old was in his car when the crash happened.

He said: “JCT600 can confirm Jack Tordoff was in the accident, and no-one else was involved. He has got minor injuries but he is fine.”

The car,, a black Porsche 4x4 vehicle was being guarded by police until recovery vehicles could take it away.

It happened on Apperley Lane, Apperley Bridge, blocking one lane, and caused traffic delays into and away from Bradford.

The crash occurred near the Moody Cow pub, a couple of hundred metres away from the JCT600 head office.

JCT600 chairman Mr Tordoff, 83, founded the company in 1946, and in 2017/18 achieved a turnover of £1.25 billion.